Top 5 attractions in Brighton you can’t miss

Brighton is a seaside town in the United Kingdom. The city has beautiful beaches, fine parks, and classic churches. It is a very popular destination for tourists coming from all over. Brighton is renowned for its diverse communities, shopping areas, arts, culture, and music. Here are some of the top attractions in Brighton.

Royal Pavilion


It is the farmhouse of Prince Regent, the most distinctive icon of Brighton. It was built from 1787 – 1823 and resembles Mughal structure. Inside you will find flying dragons, lovely figurines, swirly carpets and hand-painted Chinese wallpaper.

Brighton Museum and Art Gallery


This museum has a permanent collection of Egyptian items. You will also find Brighton seaside memorabilia and post-war British art in this famous British attraction.

Brighton Toy and Model Museum


If you have children, this is a great place to take them. This museum is underneath the Brighton Station. There are old mechanical toys, wooden puppets, etc. There is a 1930s track carrying antique model train as well.

Brighton Pier


It is a great seaside fun. You can spend the afternoon playing the slots, eating candyfloss, etc. There are many rides and food kiosks. The pier is also licensed for weddings.

Mechanical Memories Museum


It is the permanent beach sports venue. It is a designated pre-games training place for the Volleyball Olympics. You can visit the place for a training session. You can also play beach soccer and rugby.

It only takes an hour to reach Brighton from London. It has a broad shingle beach and Regency-era buildings. You will love the nightlife, shopping, and festivals in Brighton.


5 criteria to consider when choosing the best web hosting

When you are looking for web hosting solution, there are now many web hosting service providers you can choose from. But when it comes to making a choice, it can be difficult to pick the right option. Here are five criteria you should consider when choosing the best web hosting.

Your website requirements

Decide on the objective of your website and make a list of the requirements fulfill the purpose. Consider what kind of technology you are going to use; Net, PHP script or HTML. Think whether you are going to have any database or not.

Space and bandwidth

These are important to make sure that your website will be fully functional. You need to allocate enough web server disk space and database space to host your files and data. You also need to have enough bandwidth allocation to your site so that your visitors can access your website quickly. Building a functional and fast website is essential.


Good server reliability

You need to have a reliable web host to your site will be running all the time. There should be minimum downtime. A reliable web host can guarantee web server uptime up to 99.9%. Reliability doesn’t only mean uptime; it also means fast access speed, high level of data and server security and instant server backup.


You will find web hosting at different prices. The shared hosting type is the cheapest and the dedicated one is the most expensive one. The kind of hosting you will choose depends on your requirements.

Good customer service

You might encounter various technical issues that cover database, emails, internet connection, security, malware, etc. If you don’t have strong technical background, then you will have to rely on the web hosting company for support. You can choose host provider that provides 24/7 customer service.

These criteria will help you to choose the right web host plan for your website. You should select your web host carefully so that your website can run all the time smoothly.


Top 4 free website builder of this year

The modern web design software has transformed web building. If you are a coder, this software can speed up your coding with macros. If you want to design visually, this software can turn your designs into code and display them online. Here are the top free website builder software available now.

CoffeeCup Free HTML


This editor includes a code editor and a simple WYSIWYG interface, wizards, and templates. Using this software, you can make your professional website in minutes. This software is easy to learn and can produce great sites. Some features like Color Schemer or built-in FTP uploading are absent here.



It is a text-based editor designed for an experience web developer. It is packed with extra tools. It includes an FTP client for on-server editing. It has templates for common languages like PHP, HTML, VBScript, etc. There are multiple document editing and macros. It’s similar to desktop publishing or word processing.

Google web designer


It is a tool for creating HTML5 elements instead of the whole website. The animations produced using this software looks very professional. It is suitable for people who create animated cross-platform elements. There are interesting features like Google Drive integration, 3D objects, etc.



It is a software that is packed with tools to make coding easier. The size of the software is small to fit on a USB stick. It is a text-based editor for more experienced web developers. There are macro recording, clipboard history, plugins, text clips, color pickers, etc. It is designed for all kinds of web work from layout to coding.

This software makes a web designer’s life much easy. It helps them to be more creative and come up with a design faster. It saves a lot of effort and money at the end of the day.