Top 4 free website builder of this year

The modern web design software has transformed web building. If you are a coder, this software can speed up your coding with macros. If you want to design visually, this software can turn your designs into code and display them online. Here are the top free website builder software available now.

CoffeeCup Free HTML


This editor includes a code editor and a simple WYSIWYG interface, wizards, and templates. Using this software, you can make your professional website in minutes. This software is easy to learn and can produce great sites. Some features like Color Schemer or built-in FTP uploading are absent here.



It is a text-based editor designed for an experience web developer. It is packed with extra tools. It includes an FTP client for on-server editing. It has templates for common languages like PHP, HTML, VBScript, etc. There are multiple document editing and macros. It’s similar to desktop publishing or word processing.

Google web designer


It is a tool for creating HTML5 elements instead of the whole website. The animations produced using this software looks very professional. It is suitable for people who create animated cross-platform elements. There are interesting features like Google Drive integration, 3D objects, etc.



It is a software that is packed with tools to make coding easier. The size of the software is small to fit on a USB stick. It is a text-based editor for more experienced web developers. There are macro recording, clipboard history, plugins, text clips, color pickers, etc. It is designed for all kinds of web work from layout to coding.

This software makes a web designer’s life much easy. It helps them to be more creative and come up with a design faster. It saves a lot of effort and money at the end of the day.

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