Hi! I’m Leon Mahmood. Welcome to my blog!

I love everything about technology. The way technology has engulfed our life simply amazes me. This blog is about technology, lifestyle, business, and more. The concept of writing this blog occurred to me when I was in college. My favorite pass time then was going through magazines related to technology, business and everything that has been transformed due to technology. This blog is a platform for sharing my knowledge and passion.

The blog is divided into individual sections. You can go to the section you are interested in. The blog covers almost everything you can think of. The interesting part about this blog is that no matter what the topic is, you will find a link to technology on every article. The blog contains interesting articles on latest ‘most talked about’ issues, new gadgets in the market, an innovation that’s transforming the business world, latest fashion trend, and more.

Start your day by reading our blog. You will learn something new every day.